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Fair Trade Day

As a sustainable brand, we are really passionate about Fair Trade Day. We believe that all workers should not be forced to do labour and any work undertaken they should be paid appropriately for the work they do. Big companies keep getting away with paying for cheap labour and using people who cannot do anything […]

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The Benefits of Sport

Introduction The benefits of sport can improve our overall health and well being and have a massive impact on how we feel. Our health is important, we only have one life and we should look after our bodies as best as we can. Now that all the local gyms, clubs and sports are starting to […]

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Key clothing that I believe everyone should own!

Fashion is about finding what suits you and going with what you like.  I have made a little list of key items that I look for when shopping or deciding what to wear on a daily basis.  By buying lots of classic styles, it can help me find outfits really quickly.  There is less stress […]

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Motivation Monday, get fit and healthy and keep going!

Motivation Monday get fit and healthy and keep going.  There’s good news for local gyms, they are allowed back open from Monday 3rd May in Wales.  Lots of people have been eagerly waiting for them to open, for the past couple of months.  The mental health rates are really high because the pandemic.  I am […]

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My battle with fitness and anaemia!

I am 38 and understand the importance of fitness and a good diet to keep the body fit and healthy. Sometimes though things happen, that are out of our control and we have to push harder, to achieve the same results as other people. I have folate deficiency anaemia and take medication daily to try […]

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Sustainable Fashion Infographics

Shop sustainable fashion to help protect the environment, Reduce, re-use and recycle old garments.  Choose good quality over quantity, sustainable fashion is always a bit more expensive but its really good quality and created using less chemicals.  Try and wear clothes more often, before throwing them away. Thanks Nicola #education #sustainable #ReduceRe-useRecycle #ShopForQuality #EnvironmentallyFriendly #ProtectTheEnvironment […]

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Facts and Myths about fitness

Workouts should be fun and manageable, don’t push yourself too hard.  Remember that working out has many benefits from improving mental health and mood to boosting your energy levels.  Start slow and progress.  Remember that exercise alone won’t make you lose weight, you have to stick to a plan that incorporates a healthy diet and […]

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Competition winner

The winner of the 1st prize for the hoodie is Kerry Jenkins and the 2nd prize for the t-shirt is Zoe-tuck85. Thanks for entering everyone. I will be in touch with the winners soon to arrange delivery 😁

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It’s Competition Time, do you fancy a freebie?

[sweepwidget id=”23170″ url=”gd8ofy94″] Who fancies entering our first ever competition, to be in with a chance of winning our new sustainable sports wear.  Follow the rules on our website.  Everybody likes a freebie and it’s easy to apply.  Before you enter, you have to be 16 or over and based in the UK. If anyone […]

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