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Sustainable Fashion Infographics

Shop sustainable fashion to help protect the environment, Reduce, re-use and recycle old garments.  Choose good quality over quantity, sustainable fashion is always a bit more expensive but its really good quality and created using less chemicals.  Try and wear clothes more often, before throwing them away. Thanks Nicola #education #sustainable #ReduceRe-useRecycle #ShopForQuality #EnvironmentallyFriendly #ProtectTheEnvironment […]

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Shop these hoodies

Check Dylan out wearing our blue hoodie!

  Thanks Dylan for wearing our overhead hoodies and for advertising on Instagram and Tik Tok.  You can buy the range on our main website.  They come in sizes Xs to xl and are suitable for men and women.  They are sustainable and fitted and come in blue, black, grey and orange.  

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Can sustainable clothing ever be inexpensive?

Sustainable clothing comes with a lot of costs. The overall production process takes a lot longer, due to the care taken in minimising the use of harmful chemicals and finding eco friendly materials and suppliers that are used can be costly. Suppliers charge buyers more for the work completed and then we have to increase […]

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